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Grading & Behavior Policies

Each teacher has a similarly designed and scheduled grading schedule as dictated by FUSD policy.

Each subjects grading schedule will be structured similarly:


Warm Up / Participation - 15% 

Skill Quizzes - 5% (reviews)

Activity Quizzes (formative assessments) - 25%

Assessment (summative assessments) - 35%

Application Project - 20% (finished projects)


“Homework, while beneficial, should be viewed as supplemental and not included in the regular grading scale.  Grading Policy has been adopted department-wide as part of our departmentalization.” - FUSD


Positive Operational Conditioning

Students will be rewarded for positively participating in class, behaviorally and academically, in real-time, each day.  During class, students will be asked to "check themselves" during or following a display of academic or behavioral proficiency.  After being prompted, students will stand from their desk and walk to the "behavior board", the student then writes their name or subsequent check-marks.  Parents can monitor the daily, weekly, and monthly progress of their student by requesting the student monitor their number of "checks" representing their participatory accrediting.  This system of classroom management is extremely effective in providing constant positive feedback and fostering a positive classroom environment.  I believe a positive environment is essential for the maximum success in the classroom.


Bench Slips / Responsibility Slips

All educators may issue a "bench slip" or "responsibility slip" based on their level of offense.  Class trips and other privileges will be accordingly removed as students accumulate negative slips.


For more notes on behavior management, please see the "Policy" of Fremont Unified School District.