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School Supplies List

Dear Parents,

Please find the following list for materials to help your 6th grader get a successful start to a wonderful year, as well as some items that the class would greatly appreciated for donations. Make sure to label all of your child’s materials before they come to school. This includes lunch bags and any removable clothing (sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts).


- Full sized backpack (must be able to carry textbooks home for homework)

- 1 pencil pack/pouch

- Warm Springs planner

- 1 pack of No. 2 pencils (mechanical okay, but consider expense if they lose it or even decide to sell amongst each other...)

- 2 erasers

- 3 pens (red, black, blue)

- 1 pack of highlighters with different colors

- 1 pack of colored pencils or crayons

- 1 pack of markers

- 2 Black Sharpie (fine point and regular)

- 1 pair of Scissors

- 1 pack of 6 glue sticks

- 2 bottle of Elmer's glue

- 3x3 Post-It notes

- 4 College or wide-ruled notebooks

  • Math
  • Journal
  • Reading / Writing
  • Social Studies

- 4 Folders (hole-punched)

  • Homework
  • In-progress
  • Science
  • Genius Hour (second half of year)

- 3-ring Binder (at least 1 inch)


Donations for classroom use- any extra of the above items and/or:

- Tissue boxes

- Wet wipes

- Staples refill

- Scotch tape refill

- Paper Towels

- Toothpicks (for STEM projects)

- Dry erase markers and erasers

- reams of lined paper

- reams of regular blank printer paper


We greatly appreciate your participation and contribution to our classroom and your child's education.


Thank you!

Ms. Chou Room 9