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Never Forget


I was born and raised in Fremont. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescence Development, and a Multiple Subject K – 8 Teaching Credential at San Jose State University. In my spare time, I love to write. My favorite type of writing is creative narratives and poems. Outside of school, I enjoy working out and doing yoga. I believe that physical education as well as health is a vital skill to be able to live life to the fullest. I also love to travel around California, other States, and to other Continents. Helping children has been a passion of mine. Prior to teaching, I coached cheerleaders for over 5 years, tutored students in a reading program, worked in day-care programs, and many other services over time. I love to teach! Getting to know my students, finding different ways to engage my students, and above all watch them discover those “ah-hah” moments are my most favorite. I encourage students to be open-minded, accept other's perspectives, self-monitor, self- manage, and build other skills which contribute to independence. I also encourage students to work as teams, as well as other life-long skills. 


Looking Ahead at the Year’s learning: 

If you are interested in the Common Core State Standards, it is listed above.  

All students can learn

All students might learn differently, but all students can learn with the right resources and tools

Students might learn from:

  • Other peers
  • The facilitator
  • By hearing
  • By doing or discovering
  • By using their senses
  • By expressing and talking
  • By finding tips and tricks
  • By singing
  • And many more (all of the above will be used throughout the year)

Students are active participants in learning

All students learn best by doing, and should actively participate in the process such as:

  • Studying
  • Taking notes
  • Working on activities
  • Sharing their opinions and questions with other peers and the facilitator

Teachers are coaches

It is my job to guide the students through their learning, creating questions for discovery, catering to multiple intelligent learners, having a planned lesson with clear goals, and strong classroom management to allow learning, and creating a safe environment for students to work in.