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Instructions & Resources 3/25/2020

Dear Parents,


If you’ve tried out the resources I sent out previously and are ready for a few new things, below you will find some new instructions and new resources for your student.  Just a reminder that I will not be grading any of the work done at this time and am very flexible as to how much or how little students do depending on your family situation.  


As I said before, I hope that this will be a time for making special memories with your children- that is really the most important thing.  Here’s a little inspiration to get you started. It make look like it’s all fun and games, but think about all the learning that’s going on behind the scenes:


Weekday Schedule

7:00-8:00 Wake up, breakfast, beds made, get dressed

8:00-9:00 Academic time 

9:00-9:15 Fresh air break

9:15-10:15 Academic time

10:15-10:30 Fresh air break

10:30-11:30 Academic time

11:30-1:00 Lunch, chores, silent reading 

1:00-2:00 Art, virtual field trip, learn a new language

2:00-2:45  Activity time (go outside or try one of the PE videos)


Please do have your children do simple chores such as running the vacuum, dusting, loading the dishwasher, setting the table, etc.  They won’t do it as well as you do, but this is an important learning opportunity.


I’m so excited for the kids to check this out!  From the geniuses at Disney and Khan Imagineering in a Box:



  Additional resources:



  • Students were given 2 Benchmark magazine readers and a packet of grammar and skills practice to go with each.  As they read each story, they are to annotate it by writing down questions that they have and circle challenging vocabulary words for every page or two.

Additional resources:



  • Digital Journal assignment posted on my Google Classroom

  • For the last trimester, we will be working on opinion writing.  Students can practice by writing 1-3 paragraph opinion pieces on something they choose (best sports team, best vacation spot, etc.).  They should begin to support their opinions with outside evidence and can start by adding one quote per paragraph to support their reasons.  

Additional resources:


  • Students tore out the pages on rocks and minerals to be kept in class for study when we return, but they can work on any section of their interactive workbooks and study guides that they are interested in.  I would suggest covering the electricity section at some point in their exploration.  

Additional resources:


Social Studies/History/Geography:

  • Students tore out the Unit 3 & 4 pages to be kept in class for study when we return, but they can work on any section of their interactive workbooks that they are interested in.  

Additional resources:



  • When students are in school, we are required to provide 200 minutes of instruction every two weeks.  Make sure that your students get plenty of physical activity in while they’re at home!

Additional resources:


Art & Music:






Virtual Field Trips/Language: