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Room 41 family,
Wow!  What a terrific group of students. We finished our first days together and are already bonding as a class.  
 Thank you for the many families that have already donated supplies to our classroom.  We would not be able to start the year with the many needed supplies, without your help. If you haven’t donated already, don't worry, you can get items as the stores replenish their supplies. For example, baby wipes are used to wipe down desks and clean up. These can brought in throughout the year to share.
It is however much  easier if the kids have their own pencil box full of supplies like a few pencils, scissors, a glue stick and coloring supplies as well as a folder to place any work in progress to start the year.  
To get children in the practice of doing daily homework we will be sending some fun low-stress work next week. Official homework won't start until the week of the 16th. This will be during  the week of Back to School Night  and we have had a chance to learn together how homework will work for your child. By the 13th, I am asking that each student bring the following items  to prepare for a homework routine. (We will be assembling our homework binders  then)

    One binder, at least 1and ½-2in. in width·
    optional:One set of tabs for the binder·3 folders(pocket type). Any color fine.·
    One planner, or composition book or spiral notebook in which your child can write in daily·

If your child has already brought these in, I have left them in their desks.Planners were pre-purchased. If you did not get one, they can still be purchased.          
As we finalize our roster of students, I will be giving you more important information about our class next week.

Year round information
There were many questions related to GATE testing. I noted many new changes to this procedure.     I am asking every parent to read more about this process at the link below. Find the departments tab, then find GATE info. There you will find more info. about the procedure. For example, if your child does not pass the first time, he/she will not be able to take the test again.  

  Water Bottles:  You may send a reusable sports bottle or water container  with your child if you already haven't done so.  I am  asking the children to bring these home to be washed each day.
No NUTS-We have a number of  third grade that are allergic to nuts, so the grade level has decided it is a No Nut Zone. We will be switching students for various groupings so we have to be safe. Please do not send any products to school that have nuts in them. Birthdays- Because we do have many students with allergies we are asking that parents please refrain from sending homemade goodies like cupcakes, cookies and the like. If  you would like to celebrate with a goodie or two, please send non edible items like pencils, erasers or other school items. Stickers, books(our Lucky book order has some great $1.00 books). Popcorn, fruit roll ups and juice can be brought for those who just can't resist a real treat.
Thursday Folders- Please review the contents of the folder and return on Friday. The wolf folders stay here for the rest of the week and you will get it every Thursday. You may correspond with me via the  folder and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 
Rewards/Consequences-     Children are expected to follow the class and school rules everyday.  We use a visual behavior system in the classroom to remind students how the  behavior is during the day. When children do what is expected, they will have a green card.

A warning- yellow card
Second warning- blue card, and a red slip, benched at recess.

If the behavior continues , your child will miss  a second recess time and/ or loss of privileges. A note, email  or call home may follow from there.   The school principal will be notified if anything occurs beyond this. A referral will be made.  
Each day your child  starts off fresh and new.  So that each day can be another opportunity to make good choices. I will turn cards back to green  if the child makes a better choice with behavior and shows he/she doesn't need a reminder.  

Marbles in the jar, Caught being good rewards, class points, and teacher praise are just a few ways we will reward your child for following the 8 great traits! 
The children are taught that if they make a mistake, it is an opportunity to learn and grow. 
Websites:I have included some web resources that you may find useful. Some of the kids have told us that they use other websites to learn more at home. If you have observed your child using a good website let us know.
Birthdays- As children have many allergies, we are asking if you want to send anything to share with the children please bring only goodie bags with office supplies, or fun little toys or popcorn, pretzels, or fig bars. 
If you cannot resist something sweet, fruit can be shared too.
Nut free policy everyday.

Bandaids(we never seem to have enough)                  

Small and large ziplock bags                  
small hand sharpeners for colored pencils                
paper towels                  

composition books

extra folders(any print or color)   
paper drinking cups(small)                  

glitter glue  
gel pens  

Book Orders:Lucky and Arrow book orders will be submitted online. 
We are will be going green, so if you wish to buy we are only doing online ordering. our class code is JCBYV 
Link is:
After placing the order, please send me a quick email letting me know you placed an order.
After receiving an email confirmation from Scholastic, I submit the order on my end. This way I can get a heads up to look for the confirmation.
Box tops- please help us earn money for school activities and supplies. Save box tops and return to teacher. Schoolwide year round fundraiser. 

Prep schedule:

Monday- Science lab 9:55-10:45



Thursday- 8:10-9:00-PE

Mrs. Lane teaches music

Friday-return library books

PE- 10:45-11:05

Computer lab- 9:55-10:45

Kids will have access to( whole class) computer cart on Wed. 


Mrs.B and Mrs. H